Siemens Pure 501

Siemens Pure 501 hearing aid has the top hearing aid technologies, in the same time it is available in a great price. The Siemens Pure 501 comes with technologies such as BestSound Technology, FeedbackStopper which can stop whistling before it even starts, there is also SoundLearning which let’s the hearing aid learn to adjust automatically to your preferred settings.

Pure hearing aids can use either regular or rechargeable batteries and is available in three power levels (45, 55 and 65dB) making it a great choice for hearing losses from mild to moderate.

Siemens Pure 501 Specification

  • Digital: Yes
  • Open Fit Type: RIC / CRT
  • Channels: 12
  • Memories: 5
  • Technology Level: Advanced
  • Volume Control: Yes w/ Remote
  • On-Board Control Type: Memory Button
  • Remote Control Available: Yes
  • Directional Microphones: Yes
  • Noise Reduction: Yes
  • Sudden Noise Protection: Yes
  • Wind Noise Protection: Yes
  • Feedback Management: Yes
  • Telecoil: No
  • Aid-to-Aid Communication: Yes
  • Bluetooth Capable: Yes
  • Direct Audio Input (DAI): No
  • Battery Size/Color: 312 (Brown)
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Loss/Damage Warranty: 3 years